Ready to feel like yourself again?

Renew: The Private Experience

Whether you're beginning your practice for the first time or beginning again after some time away, this is for you.

Enjoy a curated, private yoga experience with Nicole where you'll learn to modify your postures for your body's unique needs and create a customized wellness plan with Blackbird. Walk away ready to dive into group classes head first.

This offer includes one 75-minute private session + 30 days of unlimited yoga classes. Availability is limited.

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Certified Yoga Educator + Life Coach

A veteran of the wellness industry, Nicole knows how to help her students tame anxiety, release tension and find joy in movement, no matter who they are.

Nicole's classes are rooted in the belief that the mind and body are inextricably linked, and that movement is simply a tool for accessing the deeper layers of ourselves.

She is a seasoned yoga instructor, teacher of yoga teachers, certified life coach and Blackbird's proud owner.