A Guide for Yoga Studio Owners who want to spend the next few weeks digging in, letting go, and prepping for a successful relaunch of their beloved physical space!

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E-Book: The Road to Reopening
The Road to Reopening

What You'll Get:

  • 7 actionable steps at the end of each section to ensure a successful relaunch
  • A downloadable KPI spreadsheet with instructions and demos
  • Budgeting theory and samples
  • A complete sales process implementation guide
  • Branding and positioning exercises
  • Marketing tips and tricks

Everything I know, at my most accessible price.

I'm sensitive to the financial constraints on most small businesses right now, so this offering is my way of sharing what I know in an accessible way. You may find a few doses of humor and a dash of tough love, but my true hope is that this content will help guide and streamline your rebuilding efforts as you prepare to operate a more efficient, profitable business from here on out. To your brilliant future!